Fight For the Soul of America – Facts vs Fiction (#143)

Fight For the Soul of America – Facts vs Fiction (#143)

Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Ashok Dhillon


  1. American Conservatism – Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (#157)
    20 May, 2020
    American Conservatism – Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (#157)
    It is befitting these strange times that ‘American Conservatism’, which has traditionally been tied so closely to ‘Christian Values’ and should stand for love, tolerance, honesty, sober reflection, measured responses, deep sense of tradition, fair-play, responsibility and duty, consistent monetary and fiscal discipline, and unity; instead, is reflected by racial and religious intolerance, hypocrisy, untruthfulness, the rejection of civility and decency, gross lack of human empathy for average
  2. Reality Sets In – No Quick Relief – from COVID-19 (#156)
    26 Apr, 2020
    Reality Sets In – No Quick Relief – from COVID-19 (#156)
    In the past weeks even as the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the World, and infections and deaths by the virus grew rapidly, there was the general expectation that within a few more weeks the pandemic will start to fade, and the ‘flattening of the curve’ would become so obvious that life would inevitably start returning to ‘normal’. This week it became uncomfortably clear as the latest data on the virus and its potential cures started to trickle in, that there is probably no quick cure imminent
  3. A COVID-19 Pandemic – And the US President (#155)
    16 Apr, 2020
    A COVID-19 Pandemic – And the US President (#155)
    The unpreparedness in dealing with the emerging COVID-19 pandemic in the US is now cliché. And it was the work of the most unfit President in recent history, Donald J. Trump, with the aid of his sycophantic ‘Yes men’ in the White House and government who collectively have made America the most infected country with the COVID-19 virus, with the highest death toll of any other country in the World. Trump and his henchmen were backed by the unwavering core base of supporters among the
  4. Deadly Viruses - China vs The West (#154)
    05 Apr, 2020
    Deadly Viruses - China vs The West (#154)
    Globally, it is the generally accepted assumption that the Corona Virus, officially known as COVID-19, originated in the city of Wuhan, in China’s Province of Hubei. The virus itself is not ‘Chinese’ per se, as Trump likes to portray it, but it may have ‘crossed-over’ from animals to humans in the open meat market in Wuhan, where wild-life meat was sold for human consumption, illegally. This is not the first such deadly virus to have originated in China, to spread to other countries, and hence
  5. COVID-19 Shock Waves – Swamping The World (#153)
    31 Mar, 2020
    COVID-19 Shock Waves – Swamping The World (#153)
    The Corona Virus, known officially as COVID-19, has seemingly peaked in China, and is in decline there (if the Chinese Government is to be believed), and is now taking hold of the developed countries of Europe and North America (Canada/America). The virus has yet to significantly affect the developing countries (Emerging Markets), but the expectation is as the infection spreads, that regions like densely populated South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, could be the next hot-spots; and if so, then
  6. Governments/Central Bank’s Blank Checks & Traumatized Markets (#152)
    20 Mar, 2020
    Governments/Central Bank’s Blank Checks & Traumatized Markets (#152)
    To underscore the interesting times we are living in - that which created the greatest asset market bubble in history, namely government & Central Banks’ decades-long debt-fueled binge - is having limited impact with the stock markets of late as the Corona Virus threatens social and global economic Armageddon.  As the US Fed and the other major Central Banks of the World announce their counter measures, either as preemptive or belated rescue efforts with the opening of the fiscal and monetary
  7. Crashes/Stimulus - and the Corona Virus (#151)
    11 Mar, 2020
    Crashes/Stimulus - and the Corona Virus (#151)
    The Corona Virus triggered one of the greatest stock market crashes of all time. Prior to the ‘Corona Virus Crash’, a probable title, for posterity, as the crash easily ranks as one of the most dramatic in stock market history, the US markets were setting frequent ‘all time record highs’, and seemed to be impervious to any and all political, geo-political, and economic risks and bad news. The Corona Virus changed that dynamic rather dramatically by infusing the markets with real fear. In a
  8. Michael Bloomberg – Trump Counter-Balance (#150)
    24 Feb, 2020
    Michael Bloomberg – Trump Counter-Balance (#150)
    In the last four years or so, the first being Trump’s run for the Presidency, and the last three, the term in Office so far, Americans and the World have been subjected to constant boasting by Trump as to his ‘genius’ and his ‘wealth’ (‘I am a stable genius, and very, very, rich’). But in the cold, hard, American capitalist world of business smarts, success, big money and politics, it is Trump who is the minnow, and Michael Bloomberg who is the whale. Knowing this, Trump tries to belittle
  9. Trump Acquitted – American Ugly (#149)
    14 Feb, 2020
    Trump Acquitted – American Ugly (#149)
    Guilt-ridden Trump’s acquittal by the Republican-controlled Senate was an open sellout of America’s lingering image of a largely law abiding ‘Super Power’. That image of America, as a ‘Policeman of the World’- moral, humanitarian, and largely law-abiding, since the Second World War – albeit severely tattered since the George W. Bush legacy of illegal wars and corruption triggered financial crisis that almost tanked the entire global financial system - was nevertheless still the perception of the